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Frequently Asked questions

Basement Renos Toronto is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about basement waterproofing, foundation repair or basement finishing. Or perhaps you’d like to find out more about The Basement Renos Toronto. Whatever is on your mind, you’ll find answers to many of our customers’ questions right here for your convenience. If you have additional questions or comments, please call us at (416) 207-9079 or email us today!

Qsn :The Basement Renos Toronto is a full-service company. What is included in full-service?

Ans :Basement Renos Toronto does it all! The numerous services we provide goes beyond waterproofing and foundation repair. When it comes to finishing basements, we are your one-stop shop. View our list of residential and commercial services by clicking here.

Qsn :My basement is finished. Will it be ruined after the work is complete?

Ans :Although there is minimal disruption to your basement, in most cases, we can revitalize a finished basement. Most important, we clean up all of the mess so you can use your basement as soon as work is complete.

Qsn :Will my homeowner’s insurance cover the cost?

Ans :Unfortunately, in most cases, homeowner’s insurance will not cover the cost.

Qsn :I just bought a house and discovered a problem. Do I have any recourse against the previous owner?

Ans :Absolutely. That’s the reason for the disclosure statement. It should have reflected the problem, and if the previous owners were aware of the problem, they are obligated to fix it. One of our representatives would be happy to discuss the situation with you before you talk to your attorney. Keep in mind; the problem must be fixed before you sell the house.

Qsn :Can work be done during the winter?

Ans :Work can be completed year round.

Qsn :How long after I call will the job start?

Ans :That always depends on your timeline. Our priority is to complete the job to meet your needs. We are flexible to accommodate our customers’ needs. We will work nights and weekends to complete your job should you need work done in a certain timeframe. In non-emergent situations or rushed timeframes, we will assess your basement and determine the course of action needed. Because we work consecutive days your basement can be finished in as little as one week.

Qsn :Will the waterproofing get rid of the mold?

Ans :In order to eliminate mold, you have to start by eliminating moisture. While no company can guarantee the elimination of mold, it’s safe to say that we do eliminate the cause of mold, which is moisture, as well as address the symptoms such as odours.

Qsn :How much of a mess will I be left with?

Ans :We are cognizant of cleaning up when the job is complete. While there is minimal clean up required by the homeowner, Basement Renos Toronto does its best to clean for you.

Qsn :Is the warranty transferable?

Ans :Yes, the warranty is fully transferable to the next homeowner.

Qsn :What makes The Basement Renos Toronto better than the competition?

Ans :Basement Renos Toronto has the experience and know-how to provide full custom solutions for your unique, individual needs. Our services and products are not one-size-fits-all. We assess your situation and provide the services to remedy your particular problem.

Qsn :What if I have a problem after the work has been performed?

Ans :Not to worry. We will take care of it for you. In the rare instance you have a reoccurring problem, your warranty covers all work performed.

Qsn :Is financing available?

Ans :Yes. We offer financing for almost everyone. Most of our customers are financing their projects through their own banks or we have options that are quick and easy.

Qsn :How much of a down payment is required?

Ans :That really depends on what makes you comfortable. We will work with customers regarding the minimum down payment. We do require a minimum down payment as a good faith deposit, but unlike our competition, half of the cost down is not required.

Qsn :What if I have to be at work while my basement is being fixed?

Ans :Basement Renos Toronto employees, all of whom are licensed, bonded and insured, do all work. We take pride in the fact that all of our employees possess a high level of skill, as well as integrity.

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