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Basement Renovation Richmond Hill

Have you been thinking about what it would be like to have full use of the basement of your home in Richmond Hill, ON? Basement contractor Basement Renos Toronto can give it to you.

We have met the needs of countless clients, all of whom have had unique needs. We are ready to provide you with the basement renovations that you want as well. That could mean anything from redesigning an area that you already use into something entirely different or transforming an unfinished basement into one of the best rooms in your home.

Our relationship starts when you contact us to set up a free consultation in your home. Of course, we would be happy to answer whatever questions we can in advance of it, but for most inquiries we will have to have the meeting in your home first.

The visit to your home will begin with a thorough inspection of your basement, which we will complete free of charge. If you have mold, mildew, structural damage, or any other problems in your basement, we will need to know that before talking further about your basement renovations. We will also see what needs to be done to keep such problems at bay in the future.

With the inspection complete, we will then proceed to speak with you about your basement renovations and why you want them. We will let you know the results of the inspection and talk about what you hope to get out of hiring a basement contractor. Whether you want a media room, a bedroom, a home office, or anything else, this is the time to tell us. We would like to get into as much detail as possible, as the visit will end with us presenting you with a free quote for the project.

Call us today to schedule your in-home visit, the first step toward getting the basement renovation that you want done on your home in Richmond Hill, ON.

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