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Basement Renovations Ajax

When you are ready to increase the amount of useable space in your home in Ajax, basement renovations by Basement Renos Toronto can provide you with a fantastic way to do so. Our basement renovations can turn any dark, dank unfinished basement into one of your favorite parts of your home.

The first step in all of our projects is to assess the state of your basement as it is. This gives us the opportunity to discover any problems that may exist both structurally and health-wise. Problems such as mold and mildew are extremely common, and both pose serious health risks. If these problems exist in your basement, we will eradicate them before moving forward with any other work.

The next thing that we will do for you as your basement contractor is seal you basement, assuming that that has not already been done. Sealing your basement protects it from the absorption of moisture from the outside soil, thus eliminating its status as a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Only after this is done can we proceed with turning your basement into a room that you love.

Once the area is safe, we will then go about turning your basement into whatever type of room you want. Whether you are looking for an extra bedroom, storage space, an additional area for entertaining, a home office, or just about any other types of area, we can handle it for you. Just speak with us about what exactly you want, let us present you with some options, and we will go about turning your basement into something you absolutely love.

Give us a call today to learn more about the basement renovations that we can do for you in your home in Ajax. We would be happy to talk about your situation and what exactly you need.

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